Monday, February 8, 2010

Poshmot a Spiritual Pragmatist

Geeta Ji says, Brahmin is much more than a learned scholar. He is the seer of the community through whom the contact with the life of the spirit is attained. Such a reverend personality was Mahatma Shree Poshker Nath Koul (Poshmot) fondly called “Dady Ji Maharaj”. Mahatma Ji attained Nirvan on 18th of February 2009. Though he is not physically with us but shall ever remain in our thoughts an unforgettable personality for his selflessness and visionary guidance. His untimely passing away was a bolt from blue for his family and as well as for the entire community.

Born at Srinagar (J&K) at Kanyakadal on 5.11.1937 to Late Smt. Leelawati and Shri Ram Chand Koul, he dedicated his precious life to spiritual endeavors and was a source of inspiration to individuals in particular and community in general.A ‘Grahasti’ saint of par excellence, Mahatmaji was gifted with unique and unparalleled surrender both in spiritual dealings and ‘Grahast’ management. He was indeed the father image who showered divine love on every one, whosoever came in contact with him. He was the Karam Yogi who put every word that flowed from his blessed mouth into action. ( Sudh Mahadev Temple )

Mahatma Ji has firm faith in the dictum, “ the service of mankind is service of God”. He worked ceaselessly for the social and economic upliftment of the downtrodden sections of our community. He often said “ a little help to the needy does not make the donor poor in any way, instead it lifts him in his own estimation , it is our duty”. He spent his precious years of his life in renovating the shrine of Tirath Raj Lok-Bhawan, Anantnag Kashmir, to make the place a centre of spiritual enlightenment. He established, Shri Pushkara Swami Sewa Ashram at (Govry-Shanker) temple Kanyakadal, Srinagar, at Laxmipuram-Chinor Bantalab, Jammu and at Najafgrah west Delhi.  ( Lal Vakh )

The spiritual pragmatist of the highest stature, Mahatma Ji is the author of numerous publications like “ Posh-Diel” a collection of devotional Bajans, Ramayana and Mahimnapar in Kashmiri language, ‘Mukhta Maal’ the (Vakas) and Devi-Ank”, which are the reflection of his matured pen, powerful intellect and his relentless quest for spiritual awakening. The service rendered by him to the community in reviving the Kashmiri Pandits tradition and culture- a rich heritage, can hardly be effaced by the passage of time. Ramayana and Mahabarta in our mother tongue has revived the tradition of its recitation in every household- A great contribution to the community. ( Shastri Jee )

Mahatma Ji, a man of spiritual attainments, benevolent and kind, followed, from the beginning to the end, the path he had traced for himself with, devotion extreme and profound sinerity. He often in his discourses warned to his devotees to refrain from the attachments to material body, which are contrary to spiritual advancement. Devotees would listen to him with rapt attention when he would highlight the message of Absolute world, the abode of God, where everything revolves round the Absolute Truth. He insisted that the devotees should come out of the shakles of egoist me and there is no doubt that they will come out of the darkness of ignorance and will realise the light supreme.He was an eye opener, our eternal father , preceptor, and our guide. His seperation has created a void which can hardly be fullfilled.

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