Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lalleshuri Lal Vakh

Kenchan Deithumm Oaray Aalaav 
Kenchav Ruttahaaye Naalai Veuth 
Kenchan Muss Chath Achhee Laajee Taalav
Kenchan Papith Gayee Haaluv Kheuth 

“To some of your devotees you give a call from above and they became one with you. Some as a result of your bounty enjoy to their hearts content the nectar of your grace at its very fountainhead. Some regrettably get drunk so deeply with the worldly attractions that they become totally blind to your divine grace while some ... See More suddenly fall from the pinnacle of your blessing just as a farmer loses his entire field of ripe crop to the sudden attack of a huge mass of flying insects.”    ( Holy Mother Bhuvaneshwari )

The grace of the Lord is a strange display of his bounty. Each one is honoured according to his worth and capacity. Some devotees of the Lord achieve the ultimate realization of self instantly and such is the depth of their devotion that they... See More’re virtually invited from above to accept the divine grace. Such a generosity is not out of any sweet will of the Lord but they deserve it and strangely enough still they do not desire. There’re some exclusive devotees of the Lord who enjoy God’s grace to such an extent that they swig the whole nectar in a single gulp. It suggests the rarest of the rare example of complete merger with the universal Lord, being one with Him which’s the complete absence of duality between the seeker and the sought. The next case is of the worldly wise who gets engrossed in the affairs so intensely that he never looks back and goes on pursuing worldly wealth and collecting materials as if he has to be here for all times together. He understands the truth when he nears his end and tries to look back but the time is lost and occasion missed. He passes away to face the divine justice and accept his merit. Then there’s another instance of a saadak who reaches the height of his realization and grace of the almighty through his personal virtues but has a sudden fall from his height as the consequence of some gross fault committed by him. Lalleshuri compares the event to the loss of a farmer’s full farm produce by a sudden attack of a mass of worms who eat up his whole season’s travail in a single go and leave him fully impoverished

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