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Moungri in Jammu

In the lap of high mountains, near marvellously green meadow Sardabbar lies the holy Shiv Parvati Shrine. The two matchless natural caves (25 and 20 ft. long/apical) have a 9½ ft high naturally formed rock Shiv-Lingam being guarded by over-head Shesh Nag carved out of same rock, joint Parvati-Pindi on left, underneath a Damroo, at right, Nandi Shankhas and Amritkund. There are also countless deities.

The vast lush Mela site 'Sardabar' is the home of Kansar Devta with ancient times' live sized stone idols. In its dark shaded cool bosom are engraved its untold legends. The different varieties' dense forest covers, particularly elegant walnut layer which makes it sunless, add more charm, beauty and attraction to the already blessed spot.      ( cuisines of jammu )

In-between Aap Shambhu caves site and Sardabbar an elephantine hillock 'Gaj Raj Parbat", wrapped in trunk Chir forest, stands, majestically upright. From the spacious mount, one can have wide ranged captivating scenic view of centuries old shrines and temple and collyrium masked lofty mountains, misty in monsoon, snowy in winters.

The green valley of lord Shiv-Parvati's sacred abode enjewelled with all the heavenly treasures offers a "Divine Embrace" to all. The blissful experience would surely allure every one to have the eternal solace at an unparalleled destination studded in picturesque devotional environment again and again. The unique and magnificent pilgrim-tourist picnic spot, 7300 ft high from sea level, connected with black topped vehicular road link, is 51 kms from Udhampur District headquarters towards North-West, in village Moungri, block Panchari.    ( mansar lake )

Moungri Mela:
The traditional as well as Government organized festivals are not only playing significant role in the states peace and progress, but also in preserving and promoting the priceless multifaceted cultural heritage. In this noble cause the Mid May's 3 days famous Shiv-Parvati annual Mela Moungri too is contributing a lot.

The District Administration Udhampur makes elaborate arrangements for the matchless and wonderful festival every year. The ever-swelling crowds of thousands and thousands pilgrim-visitors from across the state and beyond throng over here and take part in the mela with great fervour and gaiety. Due to concerted efforts and coordinated participation of various departments and non-governmental agencies the ever-progressing Moungri Mela, as popularly called, beats its own previous records every year. The colourful Mela is a symbol of communal harmony and brotherhood. The attractive events during the 3 days are mainly organized by the District Youth Services and Sports Department Udhampur in collaboration with some times one or two more agencies to entertain the pilgrim-visitors and further strengthen the warm ties of mutual love and understanding amongst the different sections of the society.  ( Walnuts in India )

The Indian Style Wrestling Association J&K (NGO) in collaboration with Shree Amar Memorial Trust Katra and Bamhag Kesri Dangal Committee organizes a grand Wrestling match as the Mela's last day's event at Sardabbar Mela site that is connected with vehicular road facility. In fact, every, item in the Mela creates such an overwhelming atmosphere that it becomes a glittering event and is flashed to the country's nook and corner by the State and National media in a big way. However, the funds shortage always remains a major constraint that hampers the Mela's improvement painfully. Nevertheless the district level selected troupes of cultural and sports teams are called to participate and perform during these days.

Considering facts and aspects of the unique festival, its range and level, especially of cultural events should be raised by inviting state, inter-state and national level cultural artists troupes from Ladakh, Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh Haryana, Rajasthan and Jammu etc. as are called for Baisakhi festival Jammu, Narvatra festival Katra, Ladakh and Sindhu Darshan festivals by the State Government. Similarly the wrestling event should also be given assistance.        (  Shrine of Sharda Mata )

The Central Government provides huge funds to assist and organize the public Melas in J&K State. But ironically except few selected festivals, organized at few already developed spots, no other place is assisted or encouraged by the Government. The State Government should come forward to provide open hearted financial assistance and encouragement to the Moungri Mela so that the hidden cultural heritage of the area is exposed.          ( Peer Kho Temple )

Accommodation available:
* One tourist hut with 3 well furnished double bedded rooms for Rs. 125 per room.
* One youth hostel with 30 single beds for Rs. 20 per bed and one special double bed room for Rs. 60/- per night.

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