Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sanskrit the core of all languages

Sanskrit is the life line of the spiritual consciousness of India. It is not merely a language. It is the style of India. Enriched with Indian scriptures, Sanskrit gives the divine massage of world peace and prosperity of mankind Sanskrit. Sanskrit usually called "God's own language'' is slowly gaining world wide recognition.

Indian tradition knows Sanskrit as the language of introducing the gods, which has been the dominant language of Indians for a period covering over four thousand years. Viewed from its rich heritage of literature, its fascinating charm of words, its flexibility of expression in relation to thought, Sanskrit occupies a singular place in the literature of the world. Over two people are speaking simple Sanskrit all over the world regardless of their status, economic gender or religion. Learning Sanskrit creates an influence on mind and body. The sounds of Sanskrit help blending thought and action. No wonder several corporates are using the language to deal with HR issues.Despite being complicated the language inculcates self discipline.

Sanskrit has played a vital role in the development of all Indian languages and in the preservations of the culture heritage of India. Despite being complicated the langauge inculcates self discipline. No Indian language can flourish without the help of Sanskrit. Sanskrit also provides the theoretical foundations of ancient sciences.

Sanskrit is the core of all Indian languages and has been entitled as a Mother of all languages storing vast knowledge and philosophies of universal order vis-a-vis vadas, puranas, history of dharmas, philosophy, medicine, astrology, culture, art, architecture and holistic healing approaches like yoga (which has raised the position of India world vide). "Indian may justly claim to be the original home of scientific philology. In one of the most ancient Sanskrit books, the Samhita of the Krishan Yajurveda, there are distinct indications of the dawn of linguistic study''. It has been said by eminent writers that at one time Sanskrit was the only language spoken all over the world. "Sanskrit is the mother of Greek, Latin and German languages and it has no other relation to them. From all that has been said above, it is clear that Sanskrit was a living speech in ancient India. The sacred literature of India, inferior to none in verity or extent, is superior to may in nobility of thought, in sanctity of spirit and in generality of comprehension. In beauty or prolixity, it can vie with any other literature ancient and modern. Despite the various impediments to the steady development of the language, despite the successive disturbances, internal and external, which India has to encounter ever since the dawn of history, she has successfully held upto the world her archaic literary map. The beginnings of her civilization are yet in obscurity.  ( Mata Kheer Bhawani )

Relatively to any other language of the ancient world, the antiquity of Sanskrit has an unquestioned priority. "Yet such is the marvelous continuity'' says Max Muller ''between the past and the present of India, that in spite of repeated social convulsions, religious reforms and foreign invasions, Sanskrit may be said to be still the only language that is spoken over the whole extent of vast country.''

It is important to mention here that the language of Sanskrit has deep roots and has a great impact in all the various subjects like history, mathematics, astronomy, and astrology besides other umpteen subjects. Not even in India but in abroad also the institutions of Sanskrit are putting great impact in all the spheres of their life for instance therapy like Yoga, Mediation etc. These institutions are playing a very important role in uplifting the rich language of Sanskrit which is the mother of all languages. But it is very pity that in our country India no efforts have been made honestly to up lift Sanskrit language. It is worth while to mention here that the said language is known to the handful of people. ( Birbal  Maheshdas Bhat )

Though institution are teaching the enrich language of Sanskrit but there after the fate of the pupils is so miserable that they are not in position to carry out there livelihood because till date the Govt. of India has not opened all the options of giving employment and absorbing such student in the Govt sector. Whereas priority has been given to the other languages. And day is not for away when language of Sanskrit will be confined to black and white and there after become a part of exhibitions.

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